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The Elements of a Home Office sketch shows you where to put important items in, on and under your desk.

The printable Tickler File instructions show you how to put things in and get things out so you'll never lose important papers again.

The Cool Tools & Apps article lists useful technology to learn to help organize your papers and information.

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Don't waste time with just tips and hacks. SORT and SUCCEED has been used for years in real homes just like yours. Borrow the focus and systems from a Certified Professional Organizer®. These bonus downloads just make it easier to get started right away.

Access 3 free resources here, including Elements of a Home Office sketch showing necessary office items, Tickler File Instructions, and Apps article to help you reduce papers and use your own memory better.

SORT and SUCCEED is a simple, repeatable five step plan that you can use in your home office and every other room in your home. Why stop in the office? Reduce papers immediately.

From the author of the best-selling organizing book series:


What's is this book about?

The Upbeat, Organized Home Office

Five Simple Steps to SORT and Succeed for an Organized Mind, Better Time Management Skills & an Office that Makes You Smile

Learn what an upbeat office is and how to set one up, even if you don't have a dedicated room.

Learn the five simple steps applied to paper, things and digital information.

2. How to SORT and Succeed

1. Welcome Home

How to build focus, maximize lists, and how to doodle your way to more productivity.

3. Brain Science to Boost Your Organizing Efforts

Enough with theory. Clear your desk with these specific steps.

4. Organize Your Desk

Mini-projects to get you big results.

5. Productivity Wins

6. Email - Good, Better, Best

Layer email best practices to win at email.

Don't let tech troubles ruin your day. Here's help.

7. Taming Office Gremlins

Create an office that makes you smile.

9. S is for Start

Make your office your favorite space at home.

Start now.

8. It's Easier to Stay Upbeat in an Attractive Office

Use these strategies for small, specialized & unique offices.


Organizing addict, label lover and author

I LOVE my office, and I can help you love yours, too! I have taught organizing skills and systems to thousands of people, setting up their offices in ways they could never envision alone. Maybe you are already sort of organized and looking for a better way. Maybe you used to be organized. Or maybe you have ADHD or other issues staying focused long enough to get organized. In all cases, you'll love this simple five-step plan and practical steps to change your home office. Over the last 15 years, I've been an expert for resources like,, RESA, Money Magazine, Forbes Online,, US News and World Report and many, many more. This book WILL help you get and stay organized.

Darla DeMorrow

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